Listen as the Cellarmaster, Paul Kalemkiarian explains the process he goes through each month to select the wines for each club. 



2 Responses to The Wine Tasting Process at Wine of the Month Club

  • Hello!

    Enjoyed tremendously watching the winetasting clips ! great job!!!
    however I could not find any Spanish wines in your tasting selections.

    Could you please advise how we can send a couple of our award winning wines for you to taste?

    Looking forward to your prompt reply.
    Thanks & best regards,
    Nairy Chaglasyan

    +34-639-314-391 mob

    Iberglobal Wines & Drinks
    Calle Antonio Maura 6, Entr Izqda
    28014, Madrid
    +34 91 360 41 72 tel
    +34 91 531 84 96 fax

  • oclenj says:

    Imagine czk4490 loop. Froogle has an abcba770d2 items checker.

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