Watch as the Cellarmaster, Paul Kalemkiarian tastes the
2003 Trewa Chardonnay from Aconcagua, Chile.
A September 2007 Vintner Series Wine.

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One Response to V907F – Tasting the 2003 Trewa Chardonnay from Chile

  • Larry Tepper says:

    This particular wine reminds me of a French White Burgundy(Chardonnay) called Pouilly-Fuisse` which was all the rage in the 1970s. Delicate, elegant, dry yet fruity, the characteristics which these days make Pinot Grigio, for example, so attractive and popular. And although I’m sure you’re quite right about salmon with this wine, Paul, lots of delicate white fishes, like orange roughie or fillet of sole, would go just lovely with this refined, stylish chardonnay. But I also believe it’s one that would play well all on its own. I mean I think I could easily down the whole bottle all by myself on a dreamy Sunday afternoon. Not that I would, you know, but I could, you know. I mean it just sort of appeals to me somehow that way…

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