Watch as the Cellarmaster, Paul Kalemkiarian, along with Shortcuts on Wine Author, Ed Masciana taste the
2002 Spinner Red Merlot form Sonoma California, and the 2006 St Lucas Chardonnay from Mendoza, Argentina.
February 2008 Regular Series Wines.

Play Windows Media version.

Click here to learn more about the 208A Spinner Red Merlot. (popup window)
Click here to learn more about the St Lucas Chardonnay. (popup window)

One Response to 208A 208B – Tasting the 2002 Spinner Red Merlot and 2006 St Lucas Chardonnay

  • Larry Tepper says:

    I couldn’t believe the quality of this wine (Spinner Merlot) either, Paul & Ed, I mean for the price! So good it could easily pass for a Vintner’s Series selection. Is there any left? But what’s with that crazy dominoes label? Does that mean it goes with pizza or something? And the cartoon guy with the moustasche on the TV screen, stirring the grapes, is that supposed to be me? Boy, he’s sure built like me. –LT

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