Tasting the 509A Viognier, 2007. Wisteria from California and the 509B Tempranillo/Malbec, 2008. 2 Copas from Mondoza, Argentina. The May 2009 Wine of the Month Club Classic Series Wines.

In addition watch as Paul and Ed present a Wine of the Month Club Special, Extra Virgin Oil, 2008. Vistalba.



One Response to 2009 Webisode 7 – May 2009 Classic Series Wines Wisteria & 2 Copas Plus Vistalba Olive Oil

  • Nancy Morton says:

    I am in your club and in May you sent me wine 2 copas from Mendoza Argentina love it would like to order more if possible.Ever month you send me 2 bottles of just red which i express when I sign up.
    Thank you Nancy Morton

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