Monthly Archives: August 2010

Sediment is a good thing! Here is a demonstration on decanting the old school way.

Paul Kalemkiarian, President of the Wine of the Month Club, decants the 2005 Opolo Petite Sirah…big wine!



Tasting the L810C Zinfandel, 2008. Sextant And the L810D Syrah, 2006. Calcareous. And the L810E Viognier, 2007. Silk Oak. And the L810F Riesling, 2008. Chateau Des Charmes. Four of the the Wine of the Month Club Limited Series Wines from August 2010.



Tasting the V810E Syrah, 2005. Eagle Eye, Napa, California And the V810F Sauvignon Blanc, 2007. Slingshot, Napa, California And the V810G Touriga, 2008. Carta, Portugal And the V810H Malvasia, 2009. QuinTa do Correio, Portugal The four August 2010 Wine of the Month Club Vintners Series Wines.



Tasting the 810A  Pinot Grigio, 2009. Sylvester Winery And the 810B Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009. Santa Loreto And the 810C Carignane, 2005. Chameleon And the 810D Chardonnay, 2009. 12 Apostles. The August 2010 Wine of the Month Club Classic Series Wines.