The Original Wine of the Month Club president Paul Kalemkiarian and co-host Ed Masciana taste the:

The four Wine of the Month Club Limited Series Wines for April 2014.

3 Responses to 2014 Webisode #14186 – April 2014 Limited Series Wines

  • Iddy says:

    Hi I have to dissagree with you when I was liltte I was prediabetic when my birthday came my parents got me one of these dolls and it inspired me to loose weight 100 pounds later I was nolonger at risk but I only weighed 90 pounds these dolls can change peoples life even a 16 yearolds

  • Atul says:

    I ask that because I live in the DownTown area of my cotuny and I go to a Visual and Performing Arts high school and in the Northeast cotuny there is a Fine arts and Humanities high school (Our rival)it’s ironic that they have a better and huge dance program and we have the Visual Art Center ,the best art program in the cotuny, and also can be view as better than Baltimore school of the arts art departmentBut anyway whats the differences? If you ask me I think they should just put both of ours schools together

  • Sruthy says:

    At this martial arts scohol we are going to teach a variety of different martial arts. We want our name to be memorable and have some meaning. We also want our name to be able to pop up on search engines easily.The two names that we currently thought of are:United Martial ArtsLilac City Martial Arts (We live in the Lilac City)Which name do you think is better and why? Is there a better name, or any downsides to the names above?

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